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Facebook Turns 20, Know How The Journey Has Been From 2004 Till 2024.

The well-known social media platform Facebook has completed 20 years. The platform has seen many ups and downs in this long period. Today we will know about the long journey from 2004 to 2024. This article will tell how facebook was once the uncrowned king of social media. Let us know about its journey so far.

Technology Desk, New Delhi. Today, when we take the name of social media, we come across many names, among which the names of Instagram and Whatsapp have come to the fore. But there was a time when Facebook was dominant. Facebook has shown people a new form of social media, which no one had even thought about before 2004.

Facebook has completed 20 years. Facebook was launched for the first time on 4 february 2024. Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg started it. This was the time when people were using Orkut and Myspace.  At such a time, the launch of facebook turned the internet upside down.

Achievements of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg(born May 14, 1984). In 2004, he co-founded the social networking platform “Facebook”.  

He Founded Facebook.

One of his biggest achievements was that he launched today’s most popular social networking site “Facebook” at the age of just 20. 

He started creative programmes at a young age.

He created a general messaging app for his father’s dental office when he was 12 years old. He also created video games as a kid based on the drawings of his school friends. 

In college, he developed software that changed people’s lives.

Working on Facebook during his time at Harvard transformed both Zuckerberg’s introverted life and the way billions of people communicate worldwide. Eventually, he left Harvard to work full-time on Facebook, relocating the firm to Palo Alto, California. 

He grew his prosperous social media empire.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps highlighting Facebook’s extensiveness in daily life. In the end, he expanded Facebook’s influence by purchasing other well-known social media networks, like Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014, which significantly enhanced Zuckerberg’s riches.

He made the internet available to remote places

The ultimate goal of internet(dot)org, which Zuckerberg founded in August 2013, was to link some of the most remote locations to the internet. The organisation was accompanied by a 10-page paper outlining why connection should be a human right.

He builds a brand-new digital society.

Zuckerberg renamed Facebook Meta in 2021, a hint at the much-discussed metaverse.  Establishing the metaverse and the means of entry will be Meta’s main priorities. Zuckerberg declares, “From now on, we’re going to be the metaverse first, not Facebook first,” during the company’s annual Connect conference.

How Was the Facebook Journey?

  • Facebook was started in 2004, now it has covered a journey of 20 years. During this journey the company saw many ups and downs. However, he still maintained his dominance.
  • When facebook was launched in the market, it was named “The Facebook”. This was also special because in this you could share photos and also tag your friends.
  • Its popularity was evident within a month of its launch, when in less than a year the company had made 10 lakh people a part of its family.
  • Within just 9 years the number of its users increased 1000 times. By 2012, Facebook had 1 billion users.
  • Let us tell you that it was very popular even in those countries, which were lagging behind in terms of internet and connectivity.
  • This journey was quite special because it has given a new identity to the internet and social media. Along with this, it was the first platform which was giving personalised experience to the people.
  • It not only keeps track of your birthdays, important dates, and all of your friend’s information, but it also provides you with information about them.
  • However, later this became an important issue because it affects your important information and privacy.

Best Way to Connect.

  • After the arrival of Facebook, it became very easy to connect with people and talk to new people. You can talk to anyone by sending them a friend request.
  • Apart from this, Facebook also gave you the option to post photos as well as tag your friends, which was an important and tremendous change for the youth at that time.
  • There were no WhatsApp-like apps back then, and smartphones were not that common. In such a situation, Facebook was liked a lot.
  • Most of the people are now using Facebook for spreading propaganda. Not only this, people use it for their small business and work related needs.

Beneficial for Meta.

  • Facebook still has billions of users, out of which 2 billion users use it daily. Facebook has helped meta achieve a big position in the market.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s owner, has established himself in the tech and social media sectors thanks to this platform.
  • Even though Facebook is no longer that popular, it still has a fan following.

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