Web Designing And Development Courses

Why You Should Learn Website Designing & Development Course?

In the age of technology, you must have noticed that every popular business has its own websites which help the customer to locate the services you provide. Not only for business, but websites are also created for portfolio, blog, fundraising, charity, events, and more. Without any doubt, a career in web development is indeed a great option, especially in today’s technology-driven world.

If you are interested in learning web development, you can start with some online courses or tutorials that teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies. You can also practice your skills by building your own projects and getting feedback from others. Web development is a rewarding and exciting field that offers many opportunities for learning and growth. 

If you enjoy Coding , and have a keen interest in Website Development , a career in PHP might be the chosen path for you.

Overview of Web Development

-Tools used
-Static & Dynamic Web Pages
-Learn basic HTML Tags
-Creating static Web Pages
-Tables & Forms
-Hyperlinks & relative URL

Introduction to CSS

-Basic Format of CSS
-Types of CSS
-How to manage Layout?

Overview of PHP

-How PHP work?
-Client-side & Server-side scripting
-Role of Apache & MySQL Server
-PHP capabilities

Basis Programming In PHP

-PHP scripting blocks
-Syntax of PHP
-How embed in HTML
-Data Types & Variable Declation
-Conditional Statements & Switch cases

Form Handeling with PHP

-Form Creation
-Understanding $GET, $POST & $REQUEST
-Receiving Data at Server
-Sending Artificial Data from HTML
-Formatted Respons by PHP
-Dynamic Data Manipulation
-Handling Null Values
-Generating Dynamic webpage by HTML Input

Few More concepts with PHP

-Validations using PHP – Date & Time
-File Handeling/Uploding Cookies

Integrating MySQL with PHP

-Fetching MySQL data from PHP Forms – Creating Registration Forms
-Managing secure LOgin Sucees – Receiving charater & numeric indexes – Learn PHP-SQL Functions -Implemention of all CRUD operations -Search Data in MySQL
-PHP Paging Script

PHP Arrays

-What are Arrays?
-Character & Numeric Indexing
-Auto Indexing
-Counting & Sorting Array Elements
-Array Search
-Array Functions
-Sending Array from static Page
-Handling HTML from Data as an Array

Files in PHP

-Reading Files
-Writing Files
-File Functions
-Creating Directories
-Extract Data from Files

Dynamic Scripts

-Page Redirection at Run Time
-Managing Login Screen
-Dynamic Email

PHP ooPs

-Introduction to ooPs
-What are classes & Objects?
-What are Constructors/Destructors? – Inheritance
-Access Modifies
-Abstract Classes
-Static Method/Properties – Namespaces

Java Script

-Intro to JavaScript
-JavaScript Validations
-Handling form elements
-Managing Run CSS with JavaScript – External JavaScript


-Intro to jQuery
-Form Handeling
-Ajax Calls with jQuery

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